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Coronavirus Herbal Strategies

Coronavirus Herbal Strategies

Coronavirus pneumonia is considered a “warm disease” with damp and heat affecting the chest and upper abdomen (upper and middle burner).

We’re following the herbal strategies and formulas coming out of China right now. These formulas have herbs that clear damp heat, nourish body fluids and release the exterior. Thank you to THOMAS AVERY GARREN for his continued work and translations.

Our current strategies:

Herbs to take if you feel a feverish head cold coming on:
Honeysuckle/Jin Yin Hua, Thyme, Yarrow, Forsythia/Lian Qiao, Field Mint/Bo He, Isatis/Ban Lan Gan, Gan Mao Ling or Yin Qiao San Formula.

Digestive bitters are great to clear damp heat. However, if sick caution with too much cold, draining, bitter herbs as they can draw the pathogen deeper into the system.

Avoid damp forming foods: fried, greasy, excess dairy and sugar. Heavily processed and chain restaurant foods.

Reduce heat/fire to protect healthy body fluids by limiting excess coffee, alcohol and spicy-hot foods which inflame inner fire and dried body fluids. 

Prevention and early intervention is key. If you have questions call us. We’re here to help.

Erin from Herb Folk will be sharing more in depth info at an @herbxchange event Wednesday 3/11/20 at the Graton Community Center from 6-8pm. This panel will be live streamed through the Herb Exchange Facebook and IG live features.

Source: Erin Wilkins clinical work; Macciocia; Thomas Avery Garren translations from Hubei Provence ; Shelley Ochs translations from Wechat post.