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The most-asked question since I closed up the shop.

The most-asked question since I closed up the shop.

Without a doubt, the most asked question i've been asked since closing up shop is - what happened? 

The reason I closed that dream boat downtown shop location is because I decided to slow down.

The reality of opening a shop seven months before the pandemic started was unexpected and unfortunate. I made it through some of the most challenging few years for small business but at a cost to my own well being. Between keeping shop, the acupuncture practice, teaching classes, the growing product line, and my personal life - my energy was spread thin for too long. The hustle was too real.

The decision to shut it down came quite suddenly. But with that choice my life became more spacious as I reclaimed time to simply rest, sleep, reconnect, sit directly in the sun and heal. 

And so the follow up question is - well what's next then? I'll continue to teach with inspired, community based classes this Summer here and here. The Herb Folk tea line is thriving via the online shop and at some really cool shops and clinics. And I am finishing the manuscript for my first book, Asian American Herbalism - Folk Traditions in Modern Day Practice, due out Fall 2023 via Princeton Architectural Press.

The party has just begun. I've love to see you at an upcoming event so stay connected by signing up here. I remain in awe of that tiny shop space and the friends and experiences that it brought forward. Onward.