Asian American Herbalism and Tea Asian American Herbalism and Tea
Asian American Herbalism

Asian American Herbalism

By Erin Masako Wilkins
Illustrated by Ayako Kiener
Photography by Kristen Murakoshi

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A beautiful collection of herbal remedies and wellness practices rooted in East Asian culture.

At the intersection of American folk herbalism and traditional Chinese medicine, this book explores what it means to practice traditional Asian medicine in the context of modern-day life.

    Rooted in East Asian history and culture, it is a beautifully illustrated and photographed collection of herbal remedies and wellness practices. It is filled with practical remedies easy enough for even the busiest reader to implement and beautiful enough to display on a shelf or coffee table. An exploration of what it means to practice traditional Asian medicine in the context of modern-day life, it is the perfect health and wellness reference guide for our time.

    A central theme of this book is that food is our greatest medicine, and there is an emphasis on incorporating herbs into daily meals and drinks to address common ailments, such as allergies, anxiety and depression, digestion and gut health, menstrual disorders, and sleep difficulties.

    Wilkins visually walks readers through the process of preparing homemade herbal remedies with ingredients that can be found at local markets. In addition, illustrated instructions will guide you on how to practice gua sha for better health with a culturally mindful framework. 

    Advance Praise

    “​​An absolute new favorite in my herbal library! With countless recipes, remedies, and tips for well-being, this book is meant to be used.”
    —Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author of multiple books, including Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide

    “​​Erin Masako Wilkins has written a beautiful book that celebrates East Asian culture by weaving together her Japanese American heritage, knowledge of Chinese medicine, and remarkably simple ways to take care of ourselves. It is truly a thoughtful representation of what it means to be Asian and American. This is more than a book. It is a joyful collection of ancestral wisdom and living medicine.”
    —Dr. Tamsin Lee, East Asian medicine health justice educator and podcast co-host of Beauty as a Birthright

    “In a sea of wellness trends, this book feels like an anchor helping you stay grounded in the foundations of Asian American Herbalism while leaving you feeling empowered to get in the kitchen and create healing remedies. This book truly feels like a love letter to the everyday healers that came before us.”
    —Sarah Kate Benjamin, herbalist, holistic chef, and coauthor of The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook

    “This collection of folk medicine, from cultures both East and West, is a treasure trove of natural remedies, employing easily obtained ingredients. Asian American Herbalism is a beautifully produced book that is a delight to explore.”
    —Andrew Ellis, author and translator of multiple books, including Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas and Strategies, and owner/co-founder of Spring Wind Herbs

    “For curious folks seeking knowledge about how traditional Asian herbal medicine is practiced in contemporary society, this is your book. Wilkins has captured the essence of her herbal medicine ancestry with the practicalities and complexities of what it means to be alive today. An essential addition for the curious and professional herbalist library.”
    —Laura Ash, clinical herbalist, founder/CEO of the Verse herb school, and founder of the Herbal Anthropology Project

    Meet the Author

    Erin Masako Wilkins is an Asian American herbalist, acupuncturist, and educator who has treated patients for years and taught workshops for those seeking more information about herbal healing.

    Remarkably, she is one of the first AAPI authors on this subject for a general audience, and approaches this work from a deeply personal place.

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