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OCHA heirloom green tea powder


Ocha uplifts energy and sharpens the mind.

Our tea is grown on a regenerative family farm in Kyushu, Japan, using the first tea leaves of spring. This imparts a smooth, creamy flavor without the grassy bitterness found in matcha powders.

30 servings of green tea powder in a 1-ounce rice paper bag.

Ingredients: Japanese green tea powder. Pesticide-Free. Contains caffeine.  

Serving: Stir or whisk ¼ tsp Ocha in 2 oz of simmering water. Add another 6 oz of water and stir to combine. For iced tea, simply use cold water instead, and add ice.


*Our herbs and teas are always pesticide-free or organic. We are proud to source sustainable and locally grown herbs by small independent farmers whenever possible.